Learn what it takes to be a counter-terror warrior. Learn the values of the Israeli Army in the 2 hour shooting program with supervised instructors who served in elite Israel Defense Forces. Perfect for celebrating any type of occasion. Caliber 3 adheres to all safety regulations stipulated by the Authorities. All instructors are licensed and certified by the Israeli Government.

The 2 hour introductory program is designed for tourists of any age who would like to get firsthand knowledge about world of Israeli counter terror operations and what makes Israeli counter terror units the best in the world. The program is guided by licensed instructors with real world experience and active reservists in the Israeli Security establishment.

More than just firing a few rounds, visitors learn from experts about the values which guide the Israeli Army, handling weapons, and counter-terror tactics. Beginning with a live fire counter terror demonstration visitors experience the 'rush' and power of a live fire counter terror demonstration. Participants are then provided training in the basics of body, firing positions and techniques that are unique to Israeli counter terror operations. Are you ready to shoot? Now get the chance to use the basic skills you have just been taught to shoot both handguns and rifles. But that's not all! Through a shooting contest visitors are tested on speed, accuracy and teamwork that are essential to a successful counter terror operation.

Tour: Caliber 3 facilities in Gush Etzion (near Jerusalem)
Meet: Professionals dedicated to Israel's and International security
Be: A part of a live counter-terror demonstration
Shoot: Handguns, assault rifles and sniper rifles
Compete: In sniper tournament
Experience: Life of a counter-terror professionals

Our 2 hours introductory tour is only available for tourist visiting Israel and it is all time supervised by security members under controlled and strict safety regulations.

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