See Old Jerusalem's holiest sites through Jewish, Christian and Muslim eyes on this revealing 4-hour walking tour. Accompanied by an impartial guide, walk up to the Temple Mount to see its Islamic shrines and learn about its significance to Muslims and Jews. Then, check out landmarks revered in both Judaism and Christianity. See the Western Wall and King David's Tomb, and visit the Via Dolorosa, Church of the Holy Sepulchre and Hall of the Last Supper, as your guide recounts the potent religious beliefs that swirl around each of them.

Meet your guide at the walls of Old Jerusalem and set off on your walking tour. As you work your way through the bustling lanes, learn about Jerusalem's 3,000-year and more history, and how it became a spiritual center for Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

Stop at the holiest sites and listen as your guide unravels their role in each religion in a crystal-clear and impartial way. Learn about their early history and get to understand their significance to those who revere them, be they Jews, Christians or Muslims, or all three.

Walk up to the Temple Mount and marvel at the stunning, gold-covered Dome of the Rock, a Muslim shrine believed to mark where the Prophet Mohammed rose to heaven. As you admire the building, learn how it stands on a site revered by Jews as the original location of the First and Second Jewish Temples and the place where Abraham prepared to sacrifice Isaac.

See the two other Muslim monuments situated here ' the beautiful Dome of the Chain and Al Aqsa Mosque ' and then walk to the Western Wall (Wailing Wall) at the base of the Mount.
Drink in the scenes around the wall as your guide explains why it is a site of pilgrimage for Jews. Then, continue to the Christian quarter and walk along part of the Via Dolorosa, the path that, according to Christians, Jesus took to Calvary. See some of the Stations of the Cross and visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, reputedly built on the site of his crucifixion.
Head to Mt Zion outside the walls and visit the Hall of the Last Supper, a 12th-century room said to stand where Jesus had his last meal with his disciples. Also, visit the Tomb of King David, viewed by Jews as the burial place of the second king of Israel.

After your visit, walk back to the city walls, where your tour comes to an end.

Please note:'The order of sightseeing as described above may be subject to change on the day of your tour.

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