Explore centuries of Jewish heritage in Jerusalem on this private tour with professional guide and private car. You will be provided with convenient hotel pickup and drop-off from your Tel Aviv hotel to Jerusalem. Spend the day visiting landmarks, such as the Hurva Synagogue, the Western wall, and more.'

Get picked up by your private guide at your Tel Aviv hotel and begin the trip to Jerusalem. Choose to customize your tour to suit your particular interests or history if you like, since your tour is private.

Start your Jerusalem tour at the Western Wall ' 'Kotel' as it is called in Hebrew. Visitors who stand at the Western Wall most often have a sense of not only the rushing presence of the'present, but also of all those who for centuries streamed to this, the most sacred place to the Jewish people. Two thousand years ago, it was a part of the most magnificent building Jerusalem had ever seen ' The Temple.

Proceed into the Jewish Quarter, where plenty of religious and historical sites of worldwide importance are actually squeezed together. Walk through The Cardo, which had been Jerusalem's main street 1500 years ago, and is now one of the most interesting sites in the Jewish Quarter. Visit 'Hurva' ('Destroyed') Synagogue, which was the largest building in the Jewish Quarter prior to its destruction during Israel's War of Independence. For decades only a lone arch remained as symbol of the Quarter's destruction.

Descend the Herodian Quarter, probably the most visually interesting part of the Jewish Quarter. Here, hiding in the basement of a modern Yeshiva, the remains of mansions dated from the late Second Temple period provide a peek into the life of the wealthy Jerusalemites in the days of Herod. Most of what you'll see has been well-preserved for the last 2000 years ' tableware made of glass to keep it kosher, and even furniture, ready to decorate any modern house. Special attention was given by the inhabitants to their bathing rooms ' the flooring was composed of colorful mosaics and the walls adorned by frescoes to make bathing even more enjoyable.

From here head to the Holocaust Museum ' 'Yad Vashem.' Yad Vashem translates to 'a Memorial and a Name' ' 'And to them will I give in my house and within my walls (a Yad Vashem)... that shall not be cut off ' (Isaiah, chapter 56, verse 5). As the Jewish people's living memorial to the Holocaust, Yad Vashem safeguards the memory of the past and imparts its meaning for future generations. Established in 1953 as the world center for documentation, research, education, and commemoration of the Holocaust, Yad Vashem is today a dynamic and vital place of inter-generational and international encounters.

Following the museum's path, we'll be moving slowly down, from one room to another, through the inferno of the evolving Nazi atrocities. And then we'll continue climbing up and up, through the stages of fight for life and freedom of the Jewish people, until you'll finally see the modern view of Jerusalem from the huge terrace.

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