A private day tour of the Israel Museum is a rich and fascinating encounter with a unique world of artifacts and objects that deepen and enrich the understanding of the land of Israel and its past.Your guide will weave together the diverse cultural and historical episodes into a colorful picture of the country, its people and cultures.

The Israel Museum, the country’s largest, has just completed a major renewal, the better to show off the marvels of its Art Wing, Shrine of the Book exhibit of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Youth Wing, Archaeology, Judaica and Jewish Ethnography. The art garden designed by Isamo Noguchi, integrates the Jerusalem skyline with the fundamentals of Japanese Zen gardens and showcases the Billy Rose sculpture collection and works by Israeli and international artists. The Second Temple Era model of Jerusalem is an intricate, 1:50 reconstruction of the city’s topography and architecture before the destruction of the Temple.

Your guide will walk you through the archaeological findings, explore with you the Dead Sea scrolls and model of Second Temple Jerusalem, view religious art from ancient churches and mosques, get a taste of traditional Jewish life through Jewish art and architecture of synagogues of lost communities, and look at the colorful expressions of local identity at the gallery of Israeli art.

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