Private Tour: Sea Of Galilee Day Tour From Jerusalem Tel Aviv Or Haifa

A private tour of Northern Israel starting with a visit to the famous ancient port of King Herod at Caesarea before traveling eastwards, across the country, through the diverse landscapes and cultures of the Galilee towards the Sea of Galilee. As a private tour there is a great deal of flexibility in determining the places that you may want to visit.

Tour departure from client hotel in Jerusalem.
Travel along the Mediterranean coastal plain to our first stop at Caesarea ,the ancient port city of King Herod where we can visit the archaeological ruins including the port and theater as well as view the Roman period aqueduct.

There is then an option to travel to Mount Carmel to view the Bahai Gardens from the upper level of Haifa before continuing into the Galilee of Nazareth and or Tsipori / Sepphoris and traveling across the country to the Horns of Hattin before descending to the Sea of Galilee shoreline at Migdal.
Alternately from Caesarea we can cross the country directly by following the 'Great Highway of Civilization' which leads to the road intersection at Megiddo, at the entrance to the Jezreel Valley and visit the ancient city / historic site of Armageddon fame. We will then continue across the Jezreel Valley towards the Harod region, visit Bet Alpha Synagogue or continue on to the ancient city of Bet Shean, in the Jordan Valley. We can visit the Crusader fortress of Belvoir with wonderful views of the Golan Heights and of Jordan before arriving to tour at the Sea of Galilee with all its fascinating and long history of cultures and traditions.

At the end of a long but satisfying day we will return to Tel Aviv or Jerusalem.

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