Engage in this 8-hour Jewish heritage tour and explore Jerusalem in its entirety. Start with a journey to Mount Scopus before heading towards the Old City. There, you will visit areas such as the Kotel, King David Tomb, the Davidson Center, and more. An English-speaking tour guide will be there to lead you and your small group of no more than 15 on this exploration of the Jewish religion.

Start your day with a pickup from your Jerusalem accommodations between 9-9:30am. Begin your journey with a trip to Mount Scopus for a for a spectacular panoramic view over Jerusalem and the Judean Desert. From here, the group will head towards the Old City to observe and explore the amazing sites connected to the Jewish Heritage. While en route, stop at Mount Zion, home to King David's Tomb.

Upon your arrival in the city, walk through the Cardo, the ancient Roman road, before heading to the Jewish quarter. Here, you will observe the Wailing Wall, known to most as the Kotel and one of the holiest sites in the city where visitors pray and place their notes in its cracks. The day will continue with a trip to the Davidson Center for a tour of the Southern Kotel excavation site. Afterwards, proceed to the Ammunition Hill, once a stronghold for the Jordanian army and a memorial site in modern days. The next visit will be at Mount Herzl, where you will visit the national cemetery where all of Israel's greatest leaders are buried. Finally, make your last stop at Yad Vashem, the memorial to the Holocaust .

At the end of the tour, your guide will return you to your hotel.

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