Tastes Of Old Town Jerusalem Small Group Walking Tour Including Traditional Breakfast

This Jerusalem tour serves up a little bit of everything, and all of it is far off the tourist trail! See the Old City with new eyes as you explore the Jewish, Christian, Muslim, and Armenian quarters that define Jerusalem today ' with plenty of food stops along the way.

The Old City of Jerusalem is chock-full of surprises!' With four different quarters 'assigned' to the Jews, Christians, Muslims, and Armenians, the city is a mix of cultures and traditions from all around the world. '

No tourist comes to Jerusalem without going to the Old City at least once.' For many who have extra time, they go over and over again, but many don't venture through the alleyways that lead to the various communities that make the Old City what it is today.' That's what we're going to do on this tour!'

Your Jerusalem tour will go through all four quarters, exploring local life. We'll learn about their cultures and traditions, and try a mix of sweet and savoury delights inspired by the different cultures.'

In the Muslim Quarter, we'll visit the Small Western Wall, where you can pray privately without the crowds of the larger and more famous Western Wall. We'll also visit a Sa'aleek coffee shop for a nice breakfast of hummus, ka'ek and tea. (Sa'aleek were basically tramps who wandered from city to city, and were mostly poets and authors.) From there, we'll head to the market and try a traditional Arabic dessert, washed down, of course, with strong Arabic coffee.'

Next up, our Jerusalem tour will lead us to the Christian Quarter, going through the Coptic community and down to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, where you'll get a glimpse of the various protocols governing the Church by the different Christian sects. '

In the Jewish Quarter, we'll walk through archways, passing through residential areas housing Christian Assyrians and Armenians.' If we're lucky on a Monday or Thursday, we might even witness a Bar/Bat Mitzvah and visit the Four Sephardic Synagogues. '

And just when you thought you won't be able to eat any more, we'll head to the Armenian Quarter and sit in a restaurant for a well-deserved rest, and dig into authentic Armenian pizza, called lahmajoun.'

Lastly, with a trip through the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate, our tour will end at the New Gate.

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